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So, you’ve clicked on a link and found yourself here – a wellness and lifestyle blog, huh?
This is the point at which I am supposed to “wow” you, as a reader. To make my life seem over the top, perfected, approaching the un-achievable, all while making you desire to achieve what it seems I have accomplished.

Reality is, I am just your average, run-of-the-mill human.

I enjoy gardening, home decor, sleeping in on the weekend (sometimes accidentally on the weekdays), spending time with my adopted fur babies, going hiking and taking time to meditate and practice yoga. I spend time advocating for the oppressed, and have a heart for women’s rights, human rights, and ending homelessness.
I tend to find myself seeking out the latest in psychology studies, and flipping through self help posts and books – which is easy to do, considering that I work part-time at a bookstore.

Do you know what the most refreshing part of life is to me though?
Simply connecting with others and learning together.

I have found that life is much more enjoyable when we are honest about situations we are walking through, and allow others in. I have also found the joy that it brings to help another person come closer to their zen.

So that is what this blog is dedicated to: Examining topics that are relevant and helpful to others in the community, locally and globally, sharing some of my personal experiences, and coming together to get as close to our personal ideals of zen as possible.

And being directly South of Zen is a decently pristine place to begin this journey.

Will you join me? Complete the form on the contact page, here to be added to our upcoming newsletter and the various occasional update from South Of Zen.