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If you’re anything like me, you spend way too much time talking to your feline friends. You would also do anything for them, including anything to keep them active and healthy. I know I would! That’s why I’m constantly looking through top of the line and eco-friendly products on the market.

(I’m currently sitting at about a 50/50 ratio on eco-conscious products, and new / upcoming branded products. I think every company deserves a shot at having a great cat product.)

Disclaimer: For my fellow feline moms and dads out there, I would love to answer any questions you may have about the continuing journey of being a cat parent!

Adopting my two fur babies, Francine and Willow, from our local animal shelter was a true life saver for me. I took them in, but they have taught me so much! They have showed me how to slow down and enjoy the smallest of aspects in life.

Here are some of our all time trusted products. As well as some on Francine & Willow’s current wish list – Items Francine and Willow would love to play with in the near future!


Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

I’ve never seen Willow enjoy a catnip based product more than this one. We have tried a multitude of catnip products, due to my minor obsession with keeping our cats at peak happiness and healthiness and realistic fear of chemicals in everyday products. Point is, this one stands out.

With their 100% Organic catnip products, I feel confident in letting my fur child spend hours playing with this, while staying healthy and active.

Her favorite cat yoga position with this one involves hugging the banana while simultaneously trying to kill it with her feet. Precious.

If you too want to treat your cat for good behavior, you can pick up this product, here.


Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser

If you recently adopted a fur baby, or intend to in the near future, I recommend putting the investment towards this product. This is what the best animal shelters rely on, and some of the only products that were able to keep my kittens calm when I apartment hopped three times within a year.

The other one being, Sentry’s Calming Collar for cats, here – which I cannot give enough praise!

These were almost an instant fix during a stressful moving time!

Heads Up: When you take these out of the package, they do have powder on them. Do not rub this off, as this is the active ingredient that will help give your cats some peace of mind.

Also, in my opinion, this buckle is unsafe on the actual product! I found a modification through speaking to others online with the same issue.

Here is the quick fix: Cut the collar where the buckle is on either side, leaving only the purple band. Take this band and secure it with twine or a small string on the inside of your cat’s normal collar.

The Verdict: Worth it! The product truly does work. Francine went from peeing on the bed, back to her normal self within a few hours. I am forever grateful for this product! Just remember to do the modification, as this buckle is not break away safe (AND SHOULD BE)!

Neater Feeder Pet Bowls

Made for both dogs and cats alike. This brand is one our little family will stake our name behind!

Stainless steel so there are no contaminants from plastic that may intertwine in your little one’s food, and it has an amazing catching tray to keep the kitchen from becoming a complete mess.

I personally wish there was an option besides plastic for a holder that catches as well as this one does. For the time being, Neater Feeder meets all of our prerequisites and more. Easy to clean, sturdy, catches all the messes, and sits at a proper height off the ground for small and large animals as there are two sizes to choose from.

All of the pieces can easily be set in the sink and thoroughly cleaned as well. Almost absent of design flaws.

Check them out for yourself, here.


Little Dove Pet Teepee

Knowing how much my fur babies already love their pop up cubes to hide in, this is a product we want to quickly get on board with. This Little Dove Teepee, here is one of the cutest fabrics I have come across that suits the actual style of my office/cat room and that appears durable. Most of the teepees on the market are made with thin wooden rods or cheesy fabric designs, glad to have found an exception.

Yeowww! Catnip Toy In Lemon

Francine is a Southern Bell of a cat, with her long Maine Coon hair and would be so precious playing with this one. And one Yeowww! cat toy is never enough, let’s be honest.

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

Catit is a brand we already support on a regular basis. Just another toy Francine and Willow would love to have in their corner of my office!

Between at home groomings, this allows for your cat to groom themselves while relaxing on a soft cushion that is built into the module. Also including a herb container for catnip.

This Wellness Center can be bought here

Meowijuana Catnip Joints

We are huge supporters of cannabis in our home – from the medical possibilities, to hemp based products. It’s no wonder these caught our shiny little eyes.

You too can turn your feline into a catnip connoisseur!

The Meowijuana Joints even go up to King Size for when you really want to treat your fur child.

Having recently purchased seeds to grow my own organic cat grass / wheatgrass in the kitchen windowsill above the sink. Naturally, growing my own organic catnip will be the following progression on the path to a more eco cat lifestyle. In the meantime, these are pretty dope.

* As an Amazon Associate I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

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