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Entering into the world of cannabis can be overwhelming. We have put together this list for the beginner connoisseur to potentially alleviate the mystery behind what products are worth purchasing.



The products listed below include a large roller, a practical and compact rolling tray, organic hemp wick, and two products that will keep your pieces from clogging or becoming a mess.

Tommy Chong Rolling Kit


The Tommy Chong Roller is nothing short of nostalgic for any stoner that gets their hands on this product. Chong, somewhat of an idol for stoners across America, created this exclusive roller for those that truly want to unwind in cannabis bliss.


This roller creates a perfect cone roll every time, and can be used by newbies as well as the experienced connoisseur.


For those of you that religiously stick to Raw and Zig-Zag for your rolling, give this one a shot, you won’t regret it.


RAW Backflip Bamboo Rolling Tray, Apart


Where to even begin with this Rolling Tray? For starters, its a product from RAW, a brand that has been tested and tried by many stoners. This product lives up to the hype and manufacturing you have all come to expect from a RAW branded product.


Made from an ethical source and with a great product functionality design, this is a stand out piece. The tray is made to be separated in the middle, yet is effortlessly held together by the magnets on both sides of the tray. This allows for the added capability of turning the tray into a carrying piece for all of your accessories that may need to be transported.


I-Tal is made of organic hemp and bee’s wax which creates a slow burning wick. This wick is a safe alternative for lighting smoking products as it allows the product to be lit at a lower temperature.


Though this wick does blow out easily, it can be readily combatted by staying away from fans and direct breezes while in use.


If you care about making your product last longer and abstaining from breathing in butane, add this product to your cart on your next shopping trip.


Bonus: This hemp wick is great at lighting those hard to reach candles that have burned down really low!


Toker Poker in Gold


The Toker Poker is a power house of a smoking tool. Allowing for the holding of up to five feet of natural hemp wick as well as a packer tool, and a poker to clean out your pieces while reviving air flow. 


Think of this tool as the all-in-one wallet tool, but for stoners.


Choose your favorite color, all under fifteen dollars, and become the functional stoner of the group.


Formula 420 Bottles

Last on this list, Formula 420. Effective and easy to utilize while cleaning glass or metal pipes. There is alcohol in this product, and we recommend opening the windows before utilizing. If you can get past the stench this is one of the best products on the market.


This is literally a miracle in a bottle.




Feel free to join in on the conversation! What are some of your favorite dank picks and products you swear by?



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