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ZEN THOUGHTS: Linenly Home Luxe Bamboo Sheet Set in Taupe

They say a good nights rest can change your life. Shouldn’t the sheets on your bed matter then? I recently tested out the @linenlyhome Luxe Bamboo Sheet Set in Taupe and found a new winner for my bedroom☺
These are an incredibly soft natural alternative to standard bedding, and similar in feel to silk pillowcases I have tried in the past. (Try them, your hair will thank you👌🏼)
Shipping was even speedy!

Linenly Luxe Bamboo in action. #sleepwithlinenly

Have you been looking for a new sheet set to try? These are on sale for $149 over at @linenlyhome !


Confidence in Textiles tag.

See more of my review of Linenly over on YouTube! Here’s the link to the Linenly Home review playlist:


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