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    ZEN THOUGHTS: Linenly Home Luxe Bamboo Sheet Set in Taupe

    They say a good nights rest can change your life. Shouldn’t the sheets on your bed matter then? I recently tested out the @linenlyhome Luxe Bamboo Sheet Set in Taupe and found a new winner for my bedroom☺These are an incredibly soft natural alternative to standard bedding, and similar in feel to silk pillowcases I have tried in the past. (Try them, your hair will thank you👌🏼)Shipping was even speedy! Have you been looking for a new sheet set to try? These are on sale for $149 over at @linenlyhome ! Https://www.linenly.com.au& https://www.linenly.com.au/collections/bamboo-sheet-sets See more of my review of Linenly over on YouTube! Here’s the link to the Linenly Home review playlist:…

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    Repeat this aloud: I AM ENOUGH. On my off days, I am enough. On the days where I’m running late to everything, I am enough. On the days where it’s a victory to make it out of bed, I am enough. On the days where I only accomplish a few items on my to-do list, I am enough. On the days that I lay on the couch all day dealing with anxiety, I am STILL enough. . . . . We are each our own worst critics. Set a goal in attempting to see yourself through kinder eyes. What difference would this make in your life? . . . .…

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    Shopping for those who care about the planet can be a difficult task. To make it simpler, we have rounded up some of our favorite products to give as gifts to those who have a less materialistic approach to life, and for those who simply care about the sustainability of the globe.     For those who prefer to know where their food comes from, opt for a choice in growing your own in home edible plants. This Organic Mushroom Farm from Back To The Roots is one of our favorites!     Subscriptions to magazines need not only be in print. For the eco-conscious, opt for gifting a digital…

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    001. A LETTER

    Dear World –   How to begin? My first personal posting that will be for public consumption, and I’m starting it out like this. Fuck.   Welcome to my personal blog. Thoughts for today:   Writing down thoughts as an unexplainable feeling. A wondrous release. Writing as making a mark on history rather than fading away amidst memory. Rah Zimm – South Of Zen Creator   Affirmations are not a crutch, rather a positive – My current is “I am a work-in-progress” Rah Zimm – South Of Zen Creator  

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      Fussie Cat: Food for Cats, Co-Created by Cats, Extremely Palatable.      While Fussie Cat offers the typical salmon, tuna, and prawns options, they also offer a range of other cat friendly proteins in their product. These include: anchovies, chicken, muscles, shrimp, chicken liver, beef, and duck. They also provide nutrients through the use of sweet potato and egg.     Fussie Cat has the approach of using “complete proteins” within their products, and adding flavors to keep them feline desired.     Through the use of “feline focus groups” they were able to create their extensive list of well made product.     High quality animal protein is…

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    While there are many facial mask products on the market, many tend to fall short of expectations. Some have dyes in them, others are tested on animals, and some continue to use low quality ingredients or contain ingredients that are promised on the label to be absent.      Those with sensitive skin and morals are left to reading the labels closely and hoping for integrity in the companies manufacturing and marketing departments.     Promise Cosmetics caught our eyes due to the beautiful purple bottle and the wonderful ingredients. Containing only natural ingredients, here is what makes it into the bottle:   Dead Sea Mud – Found in the depths…

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    As someone who is changing out cat products quite frequently, testing out this litter was exciting to say the least. The thought of being able to manage the health of both of my feline buddies by a simple glance at the litter box is more than any cat lover can ask for!     Visually this litter is much nicer to look at throughout the day in passing, as the white appearance does send a subliminal “clean” message to the user vs. utilizing a grey or dark colored litter. And the package that Pretty Litter comes in is not only resealable and compact, but is mailed monthly! That is where…

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    If you are someone that has ever dealt with a sports injury or unfortunate car accident, even a physical deformity – you may know what it entails to live with permanent daily pain.      I am someone who knows all too well what it feels like to have lower back pain CONSISTENTLY that pretty much never alleviates, and when it does, it’s only for a few short moments.  Today felt like as good a day as any to begin the discussion on pain management with you lovely people, and talk through methods I have stumbled across to deal with what may be a forever problem in my own life.…

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    ACL is one of those events you wait for all season, only to realize there is a reason you only subject yourself to this type of torture once a year.     Between searching for the last available spot in the shade, having your group split up at least every set or two, enduring sweaty bodies thrusting against you during intense sets, and searching for the perfect drink and food pairing at Eats!  –  there were some moments that I am glad I planned for in advance. For those of you headed to ACL Weekend 2, here’s what I learned this year during ACL Weekend 1.        Tip…

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    Do you have days where you’ve tried everything, but something still seems, well, “off”? I have slowly come to the realization of the importance in my own life of scheduling out each part of what is important to our personal existence and trying to set aside dedicated time for each piece.     Though we are individuals this does not mean that we are lacking in complexity. In fact, it is through the moments of silence and quiet thought that we are given the gift of seeing the full complexities of ourselves.     Meditation is one area in which I have had to begin scheduling time for. A set…